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sex kit for couples

п»їSix facts to consider about abdominal fat
Excess fat in the body is always considered a health problem and also of aesthetics, but if we talk specifically about abdominal fat we can name some peculiarities such as the data to take into account that we show below.
Increases with age
It has been proven that abdominal fat rises as we gain years of life, both in men and women, so, more than ever over the years we must prevent and / or control its development.
The hormonal changes that our body suffers and its impact on the metabolism that is usually reduced as we gain years of life are the main reasons why, we usually gain more abdominal fat and above all, visceral or deep and non-subcutaneous fat.
It is more dangerous, especially if it is visceral
There are basically two types of fat, subcutaneous and visceral, the first is closer to the skin while the second surrounds our organs.
And abdominal fat is primarily visceral and turns out to be the most dangerous for the health of the organism because near it there are receptors that easily mobilize it, damaging nearby organs and increasing the risk of metabolic diseases, as it has been studied.
It is more frequent in men
Unfortunately for the male sex, we must say that the apple body that characterizes those who accumulate fat in the abdomen is more frequent in men.
The type of hormones that circulates in the male body compared to the female, increases the chances that excess fat accumulates in the central region of the body and not in hips and buttocks as in women.
Genes can influence but habits are more important
It has been shown that there is a slight hereditary component in the amount of fat and its distribution in the body, however, non-genetic factors may have more influence.
That is, beyond whether our parents or relatives have excess abdominal fat or not, it is their prevention and / or control that we can achieve with good life habits.
If you want to reduce or avoid the belly, we have already told you what help and what not to achieve it.
It is the easiest to lose
Just as abdominal fat is the most dangerous because it moves easily and can reach nearby organs affecting its function, we must also know that this characteristic makes it easier to lose.
That is to say that if we train properly, we eat well and start different behaviors to burn fat, the first thing we will lose will be that accumulated in the central area of ​​the body, while it will be much more difficult to burn the subcutaneous fat and / or stored in hips and buttocks
It can affect sexual function
Excess abdominal fat can cause alterations in sex hormones and therefore affect sexual function in both men and women.
However, in obese men with large amounts of lipids in the central area of ​​the body, erectile dysfunction and infertility is more frequent as demonstrated.
Therefore, if we want to look good, be healthy and sexually fit, nothing better than preventing and / or controlling the development of a belly, because abdominal fat will always be present but in excess, it can harm us considerably.
Bibliography | International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders: Journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity [1994, 18 (4): 207-202]; International Journal of Obesity [1988, 12 (3): 205-215]; and Maturitas, Volume 54, Issue 4, July 20, 2006, Pages 363–371.
In Jared Man | Six habits that favor the development of belly
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